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Winch & Recovery Services in Omaha

When many people think of “tow trucks”, they are probably picturing a traditional winch and recovery services in Omaha. With this method, the winch is used to hoist your vehicle vertically and easily taken away with the back tires still touching the ground. This offers an easy, efficient tow job when you and your vehicle need a simple basic towing service.

Most passenger vehicles can be successfully towed using a winch service. Our drivers know how to quickly and efficiently hoist your vehicle with our winch. This provides you with a smooth ride each time. If you are confident that your vehicle doesn’t require a flat bed or a low bed towing service then winch towing is usually the fastest and easiest method.

When should you Winch?

Winch towing services is ideal for vehicles that have become disabled due to weather or other elemental factors. Whether your car or truck has become stuck in dirt or mud, or has been stuck in a snow bank, a winch can easily pull it back out without any damage to your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about towing your vehicle with quality winch towing service in Omaha.

The Best Winch & Recovery in Omaha, NE

The difference between using our winch and recovery services and having anyone else do it is we’re completely prepared for any situation. When other drivers use only one winch cable, we can attach up to three, giving us an additional boost in towing power and stability. You’ll never have to worry about is overturning our vehicle, losing your car or truck, or accidentally having it detach and drop. You’re getting the strongest winching services in Omaha when you use us! 

If you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation, please be clear and specific so we send the right towing vehicle to your location. We’ll lift your vehicle off of the hazard and pull it away quickly and easily.

Flat bed towing and low bed towing services provide the smoothest transportation but winches are sometimes necessary. They can do more in a shorter period of time than any other tow truck style. That’s why many towing companies exclusively use winch tow vehicles.

Let Us Winch Your Vehicle

When you need a towing service that comes prepared for any situation, you need Left Lane Recovery & Towing. Our trained team uses every style of truck we have to make sure you get your vehicle towed appropriately. We take huge pride in being not only quick but careful all throughout each and every towing job.

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