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Low Bed Towing Services in Omaha

Low bed towing services in Omaha is a specialty form of flatbed towing. Whereas a traditional flatbed tow truck stands higher up off of the ground, a low bed towing service is closer to the ground. The need for low bed service is more common than you’d think; unfortunately, many tow truck services don’t actually offer it. 

If your vehicle should be using a low bed flat tow truck, there’s a reason for it. Using a traditional flat bed when a low bed is needed can leave your car hurting badly. Trying to get a vehicle that is low to the ground up the sharp incline of a traditional flatbed can cause a lot of damage to the car’s underbelly. This could scrap against tubes, lines, wires, and more, leaving your car running bad, or worse, disabling it altogether.

Whether you need help transporting your boat to the harbor, a marina, or even a parking lot, we’re the right team for your needs. We’ll get your boat to its destination faster and easier than any other Omaha area towing company can. Whether you need help moving your boat on water or on land, we are here for you each time

Why a Low Bed Truck?

Low bed towing services is great for shorter cars. Whether you drive a sports car or have had your vehicle custom lowered, you’re going to want a company that caters to you with great low bed service. When other towing companies in Omaha promise low bed but show up with a traditional flatbed instead, you’re going to wish you called us first.

Even if your car isn’t particularly low to the ground, a low bed may be your preferred method of transportation. If you need to move an especially valuable car, a low bed is the way to go. There’s far less room for accidental scratches or dings as the car is hoisted in a much easier manner. We may need to use a winch, but only to move it further up the bed, and never to hoist it vertically.

Most cars move fairly easily of their own accord once they’re placed on to a low bed truck. This makes loading it even easier than any other method.

Is a Low Bed Towing Right for you?

If you have a large heavy duty vehicle or a piece of construction equipment that needs to be hauled away, we’re probably going to use the low bed truck. With such a heavy piece of machinery, lifting it up into the air by winch or flatbed could be dangerous to both the truck and its driver. By using a low bed tow truck, we’re able to keep you and our team safe. 

Cheap towing company in Omaha don’t believe that safety is a tall enough order to warrant buying another flatbed tow truck. We believe the only high price of safety is not taking enough measures before a disaster happens. When you need a towing company that cares, you need to call us.

Let us pick your vehicle up in the best low bed tow truck around. We’ll take the best care of you and your car or truck than anyone else. Whether you have a passenger vehicle, heavy duty truck, big rig, or any other heavy vehicle, we are here to help you!

Don’t be talked in to using the wrong tow truck for your vehicle. Have your car towed the right way with us!

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