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Heavy Duty Towing Services Omaha

The best towing companies are the ones that can tow any vehicle, even the really big ones. When most local towing companies can’t handle heavy duty vehicles or large trucks, you’re left stuck on the side of the highway. Therefore, don’t let discount towing services leave you behind. Call a reliable heavy duty towing services in Omaha.

Larger vehicles need specialty towing equipment which not everyone has. You could spend hours trying to scroll through your phone trying to find one. But while other towing services only hands cars or small trucks, Left Lane Recovery & Towing has the right tools and equipment to rescue your vehicle. You’ll never have to worry about how you’re getting going again when you have a total all-in-one Omaha area towing service. No vehicle is too big for us!

Our operators have been carefully trained so they are able to lift from the axle and suspend the front end into the air so that only the back tires are grounded.  After securing your oversized, heavy vehicle, we transport it to the location you specify. If your vehicle requires a CDL to operate, it’s more than likely considered “Omaha heavy duty towing”. 

Other towing services may even struggle with “medium duty” vehicles. To be sure that you’re calling the company that can help, you need to try us first. We guarantee you’ll never have an issue with us not being able to hoist your vehicle. When other companies can’t, we always do

We Can Handle All Heavy Duty Jobs!

No matter how heavy your vehicle is, we are there to haul it for you. When no one else can even come close to doing that level of heavy lifting, we are there for you each time. No heavy duty vehicle scares us away, and we’ll be there when no one else can be. 

Heavy duty vehicles legally cover a wide range of vehicle styles. Call us if you need heavy duty towing services for your:

  • Work Trucks
  • Work Vans
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Large, Non-Passenger Vehicles
  • Construction Vehicles and Equipment
  • And more!

Heavy Duty Towing Near You

Many Omaha towing companies don’t bother servicing large and heavy duty trucks and vehicles because of the additional expense they have to put up. They are unwilling to buy the additional equipment packages to outfit their trucks to handle larger vehicles. When other companies only want to deal with passenger cars and trucks, you’re out of luck! But when you call us, you can guarantee we’ll be able to assist you every single time. Our heavy duty tow trucks have under reach and wheel lift technologies in order to provide your company with high-powered, damage-free towing. 

We also provide the same level of roadside assistance services in case you don’t need towing, but still need help getting your heavy duty vehicle up and running again. Whether you need a little more diesel, have a bad glow plug, lost a tire, or locked yourself out, we can be there for you when you need us most. Save time by having us assist you so you can get back to work fast. 

When you need help with your oversized truck, construction vehicle, or heavy duty vehicle, you need the company who specializes in serving you. When everyone else fails, Left Lane Recovery & Towing is still there to help. Call us first and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of quicker than with anyone else!

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