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Flatbed Towing in Omaha

You need quality flatbed towing in Omaha to make sure your vehicles arrives safely to the intended destination without any damage. Unlike trailers, winches, dolly trucks, and other towing methods, a flatbed tow job will keep your vehicle in place and elevated off of the ground. 

Flatbed towing services in Omaha are crucial for transporting and delivering your car in a careful manner. In fact, it’s the same method we use when we transport your car for long distance towing services.

Why is Flatbed Towing Needed?

Lighter vehicles generally get a dolly truck used for their towing needs. Usually with this method a couple of tires still roll against the ground. While this doesn’t clock any added mileage onto the vehicle, it does continue to put added stress on the car and wear and tear on your rubber tires. If you don’t have a spare tire, you might need flatbed towing when you have a bad flat tire. Also if you have more than one flat tire, you will need a flatbed tow.

Flatbed towing leaves your car or truck in place and generally doesn’t require any additional safety features or straps. Although, any tow company worth their weight still will tie it down for an added safety measure, especially when you use flatbed towing for long distances. 

Flatbed towing is also crucial for heavier vehicles. For medium duty and smaller heavy duty vehicles, we’ll generally use the flatbed towing truck to safely and easily haul it to wherever you need it.

Flatbed tow trucks are also generally used for car accidents. Even a minor accident that leaves a vehicle in trouble will probably still be hoisted with a flatbed tow truck. This not only helps protect the tow truck driver from becoming injured from broken class or jagged metal surfaces, it also helps contain the damaged vehicle without risking further damage.

Tow With The Right Towing Company

When you need quality flatbed towing services, you won’t find anyone better than us. We use high capacity flatbed tow trucks.  They are large enough to accommodate an RV without problem.  Our professional roadside assistance experts lower the built-in ramp to load your vehicle and then retract the ramp when it is safely on board.  We fasten each wheel securely in place and then proceed to your designated destination. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly and carefully load your vehicle on to our flat bed and haul it away fast! You won’t be wasting time as we struggle to get it on the truck. Save yourself a little extra time with the best quality flatbed towing in Omaha.

You are secure in the knowledge that we provide safe transportation for your vehicle with our flat bed tow truck. Once the vehicle is loaded and secured, it won’t go anywhere you don’t want it to go. 

Unfortunately, many find the difference is clear the hard way. They either use inexperienced, discount flatbed towing, or they have a winch service when they shouldn’t. Ultimately, their vehicle pays the price, and you have a bigger bill. When you absolutely need to make sure your vehicle is going to be safe, you need the best flatbed towing in the Omaha area. 

Flat Bed Towing Near Me

A sudden breakdown or an emergency is unpredictable and you might be in need of dependable towing service. Let us help you get in touch with Left Lane Recovery & Towing, a 24/7 Flatbed Towing company near you that is Reliable, Safe, Closest and Quickest to help you in need.

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